We Love Food 

Eating real food is a human right. It's not a fad, a trend or diet.  Real food  means using quality ingredients that are minimally processed that shine and speak for themselves.  We don't like to label - labels are for cans! We cater to the masses and enjoy all types of diets but our menu is mostly plant based with a 'meat on the side' approach.  We eat and cook what we like, we just make sure it's from sustainable and responsible sources! We use local and organic foods where possible. We would love to be 100% organic. But then we’d have to charge you more…and that would suck. Our price point is set at an achievable rate because we wanteveryone in the world to love and taste our food!!! 

Hey there! Thanks for getting in touch! Our website is currently under construction. Something Cool is cooking - so watch this Space!  In the mean time, feel free to drop us a line. We are still running all our services. Catering, Nutritional Consulting, Post Natal and private meal plans. Get in touch! xo​

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